Ayni Jewelry in Pisaq, Peru

Ayni Jewelry in Pisaq, Peru

Ayni Jewelry started as a retail store and gallery in the small Andean town of Pisaq, in the Sacred Valley of the Andes mountains near Cusco, Peru. Calin started Ayni as a community gathering place to sell his art as well as other artisan's jewelry.

Ayni attracted tourists from all over the Sacred Valley, yoga retreat dwellers, study abroad students and tour groups wandering through the colorful streets. It also became the gathering place for travelling artisans selling at the Sunday market, a hang out for friends and children in the community. 

Calin's young children would often be found roller skating or scooting with friends around on the smooth cement floor, making forts under the display cases and playing with children in the neighborhood. 

Calin could always be found behind his studio table making the next fine creation. 

Friends at Ayni Jewelry Pisaq

You could always hear music at Ayni whether it be Salsa, reggae or Spanish boleros, better yet on most days you could enjoy live music by any of the travelling artists strumming a guitar in the storefront or playing local panpipes, drums or charangos. 

Ayni was much more than a jewelry store, it was a gathering place, it was home for many and it was it's own community. 



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